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I first felt it in the school refectory on Monday morning. For a moment it was like being on a roller coaster when you're racing down from the very top. It only lasted two seconds, but that was long enough for me to dump a plateful of mashed potato and gravy all over my school uniform. I managed to catch the plate just in time, as my knife and fork clattered to the ground. 'This stuff tastes like it's been scraped off the floor anyway,' said my friend Libby, while I mopped up the damage as well as I could. Of course, everyone was looking at me.'You can have mine too, if you fancy splattering some more on your shirt.' 'No thanks.' As it happens, the shirt of the St Lennox School uniform was pretty much the colour of mashed potato anyway, but you still couldn't miss seeing the remaining globs of my lunch. I buttoned up my dark-blue blazer over it.

About the book

Every family has secrets. But what do you do if you are the family secret?

That's what happens to Gwen when she finds herself transported to turn-of-the-century London. There she discovers she's not the only time-traveller; she's stuck with a handsome boy called Gideon. Together, both are being pursued by a sinister secret society determined to change the past.

A thrilling and romantic time-travelling adventure series for girls.

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Press reviews

“Witty, grounded and carefully plotted to reveal its mysteries only gradually, this first novel in a time-travelling trilogy will leave readers impatient to find out what happens next.”


“... suspenseful and comforting ... Gier succeeds on her own terms, keeping the reader moving along, forward and backward in time, and ending with a revelation and a cliffhanger. Both will leave readers anticipating the publication of the next installment.”


Author notes

'It took six months of pure writing time to write Girl About Time, but the brainstorming and plotting also took months ... I was particularly fascinated by the theme of time-travel, but I also wanted to embed a Romeo and Juliet-style story in the novel and make it comical. There are surprisingly few good time-travel novels out there, so I hope you enjoy this one!'

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